RECIPE: Sunshine Salad

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 4.23.57 PM

Summertime really brings out the creativity! Everything is so bright and colorful – I just love it.

So the past few weeks I have been cutting out processed sugar (sans a cocktail here and there, because, duh) – and for the most part I feel amazing! – but I still get those sweet cravings here and there. So eating extra “sweet” vegetables and fruits (beets, carrots, raisins) helps curb the cravings for the unnatural stuff.

This salad was really inspired by the gorgeous sunny colors – and ended up tasting even better then it looked 🙂 Enjoy!

The Nutrition: Low-calorie, good source of; folate, manganese, vitamin c, vitamin a, vitamin b6, and thiamin.

(serves 1 – easy to double/triple)

1 large carrot
4/5 small radishes
1/2 golden beet
Small handful of golden raisins

1 tspn olive oil
1/2 lime (juice)
Ginger (fresh grated)
Ground mustard or mustard seed (optional)


1. Wash and peel beet and carrot
2. Shave whole carrot into ribbons, and thinly slice beet and radishes
3. Assemble as you’d like with raisins
4. Mix together dressing ingredients and pour over – or mix all together in a bowl with the salad! Serve cold.

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