Healthy Habits On-The-Go

Life likes to get in the way of my healthy habits sometimes… Common offenders? Time. Money. Sleepiness. You name it.

With my busy work and school schedule, it’s easy to slip into a routine of rushing out the door at the very last minute. Inevitably having coffee for breakfast at work and then when I’m starving at 1:00pm – running out to my local health food spot because I didn’t pack my lunch. Then I end up spending $15+ on a salad and a juice… not sustainable on my grad-school budget!

First of all – don’t panic, and don’t beat yourself up. The fitness and health gurus you see on Instagram make mistakes too!

Its all about learning what works for YOU. Take baby steps in that direction and help yourself build healthy habits. What do you enjoy eating for breakfast? Lunch? And what do you need to get out of your meal? Are you always feeling tired? Then you might need extra protein, iron, and good carbohydrates. Are you mostly sedentary throughout your day? Maybe stick with lighter meals, and healthy snacks to stay focused longer.

What works for me?  Smoothies or oatmeal in the morning. They are both easy – and more importantly, flexible. As long as you’ve got a few key ingredients, you can throw whatever you’ve got in a smoothie or oatmeal!

And for lunch – Raw veggies, fruit, and some form of protein – nuts, seeds, hummus, etc.

I like to keep a routine structure for my lunch – which helps me stay in the habit of preparing it in the mornings, but leave room for different flavors each day/week. That way I don’t get bored!


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