5 Easy Steps for a Healthier Day

One – Get Up Early

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Early bird gets the worm. In this case the worm is a healthy and productive day! Getting up early gets you started on the right foot… It allows for a good hygiene routine, making the bed, and getting your things together for the day. When I start the day feeling rushed, my whole day always ends up out of whack. If you have trouble getting yourself out of bed in the mornings – try implementing some morning rituals that you look forward to, like making a smoothie or a cup of coffee, playing with a pet, or reading the news.

Two – Meal Prep

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It’s easy to get derailed when you have a busy day and no plans for your meals! If I don’t bring a lunch to work I usually do one of two things; buy a healthy meal at a local juice or salad shop, which tends to be super expensive…OR I’ll be so hungry that I eat something really heavy and unhealthy because I only have short-term-vision. I’m also more likely to snack on things throughout the day. Try planning out your meals the night before work or the morning of – you’ll save time, money AND you’ll likely feel much better.

Three – Hydrate


I can’t stress enough how important this one is! How many times have you gone through the whole day and realized “Holy crap, I haven’t had any water all day”? So often! And so many daily discomforts like fatigue, headaches, irritability, etc. stem from dehydration. Staying hydrated throughout the day is one of the best and easiest steps in making sure you feel good. Buy a water bottle that you love and bring it with you everywhere… Mine is a S’well bottle and I love it so much. If you’re not the biggest fan of drinking water all day, try and shake it up by adding fresh fruit for flavor, or go for a club soda if you like bubbles!

Four – Go Outside

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Get out there! Just do it, right now, go outside! Whether it’s a weekend hike in the mountains, or just a walk around the block – fresh air and sunlight are critical for the body and soul. Going for a walk with friends, or alone with your thoughts. Go for a bike ride! Or even just sit on your porch or in your backyard for a few minutes… rain or shine, snow or heat – I promise you won’t regret it.

Five – Unplug

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It’s easy to form daily habits that don’t necessarily contribute to your overall wellbeing. For me, it’s “unwinding” with technology at night… Once I’m done with everything for the day and I’m getting in bed, I get into the habit of hanging out with my laptop or my phone. Scrolling through instagram, watching Netflix. And there’s nothing wrong with those things! But I’ve certainly found that a centered mind doesn’t come from staring into a screen – it comes from being present with yourself… doing some stretches, reading a book, take a bath. Those are truly the things that help us “unwind.” Give it a try of cutting off your technology an hour before you go to sleep, or making your bed a “no tech zone.” Your eyes and mind will thank you!


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